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The training center of PlanB Bildungs GmbH stands for demand- and customer-oriented training and further education and guarantees quality in education. When developing our training courses in accordance with the Third Social Code (SGB III), we take into account the situation and development of the labor market and support participants in their integration into the regular labor market.

We develop and offer services that enable our clients to build a free and independent professional and social existence and to participate successfully in economic and social life and competition, thus promoting the conditions for adapting to changes in earning capacity and the labor market.

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Our concept...

...corresponds to the latest state of knowledge and provides variety in theory and practice. We also offer additional qualifications such as de-escalation training, firearms training, first aid and fire safety.

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...about your career development and promotion opportunities. We support you with our free advisory services to help you find a suitable professional and individual further training measure.


...the chance to take part in a subsidized further training course. People in employment can take advantage of various forms of funding for their continuing professional development - education vouchers, education premiums or educational leave. 

Our team

- Even if everyone else has doubts, we don't! -

We employ qualified staff in management, teaching and administration, as well as qualified full-time and part-time lecturers. Both full-time and part-time staff are encouraged to attend professional and pedagogical training courses. High-performing, highly motivated employees with strong personalities form the basis of our success, in addition to their professional qualifications. Cooperation at PlanB Bildungs GmbH is characterized by collegiality, integrity, loyalty and personal reliability of each individual.

PlanB Bildungs GmbH
Contact: Klaus Kutzner
Oskar-Jäger-Str. 50, 50825 Cologne
Phone: 0221 39780300

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