General Terms and Conditions

1. conclusion of contract
Registrations are binding and can be made in person, by telephone, in writing, by fax or by e-mail. Registrations for in-service training courses with an examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) or another institution must be made in writing and received by PlanB Bildungs GmbH (training provider) before the start of the course. Registrations will be accepted, processed and confirmed by the training provider in the chronological order in which they are received. Upon receipt of the confirmation of registration by the participant, a (service) contract is concluded between the participant and the training provider. As a rule, confirmation is sent no later than three days before the start of the course, training program or seminar.

2. subject matter of the service
The contract is concluded through participation in a course, training course or seminar (educational offer) carried out by the educational institution itself or on its behalf, which the educational institution advertises in its educational program or other media used by it. The learning materials required for the training program as specified by the educational provider shall be made available to the participants by the educational provider in accordance with the training sections. The teaching scripts handed out against receipt by the participants shall become the property of the participants, unless revoked by the training provider.

3. right of withdrawal
If you do not receive funding in accordance with SGB III, you have the right to withdraw from this contract. You will not incur any costs as a result of withdrawal. Furthermore, you have a general right of withdrawal within 14 days of concluding the contract, but no later than the start of the course. This contract for participation in a vocational training measure can be terminated in writing with a notice period of six weeks, initially at the end of the first three months, then at the end of the following three months. A measure that takes place in sections of less than three months can be terminated in writing with one week's notice and will be invoiced pro rata.

4. participation fees - costs - payment
The costs for participation depend on the duration and content of the individual training course and can be found in the training program or other media used by the training provider.
The costs amounting to /.... Include course fees, examination fees, participant materials.

5. withdrawal
The educational institution may withdraw from the contract if the required minimum number of participants is not reached or the lecturer is unable to attend. In such cases, the educational provider is obliged to inform the participant immediately of the withdrawal and to refund any participation fees already paid. Any further claims for damages due to withdrawal by the educational institution are excluded.

The participant is granted a right of withdrawal in the event that the measure is not recognized under the German Social Code (SGB III) and funding under the German Social Code (SGB III) is not possible. In this case, he/she will not incur any costs. This does not apply if the participant him/herself does not receive individual support under the German Social Code (SGB III).

6. cancellation - deregistration
Cancellations of individual training courses that only comprise a single training section are possible free of charge up to three working days before the start of the course; if the cancellation is made at a later date, if the registered participant does not attend the event or if he/she cancels during the course, the full costs of participation will still be due. All cancellations must be made in writing.

7 Special agreements for training courses with compulsory attendance (on behalf of the employment service/employment agency)
The participant undertakes to attend the lessons prescribed in the curriculum, to take the intermediate and final examinations and to follow the instructions of the course instructor, the lecturers and those responsible at the training provider. If the participant is unable to attend classes, a written notification of absence must be submitted to the training provider. The participant also undertakes to inform the employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) and the training provider immediately if he/she withdraws from the course.

8. special agreements for IT training courses
The equipment and media (PCs, video and cassette recorders, etc.) provided by the educational institution may only be used in accordance with the instructions of the course management. The equipment and media must be treated with care. Any attempt to use or exploit programs or parts of programs contrary to the instructions of the course management (misconduct) and contrary to the applicable license terms will result in exclusion from the course. In the event of exclusion, the participant also loses any entitlement to a refund of the participation fees. The educational provider reserves the right to claim damages of any kind. In addition, the educational institution reserves the right to further recourse claims if the rights of third parties are affected by the misconduct or license violation. Finally, only the data carriers issued by the educational institution for training purposes, which are marked as such, may be used. These data carriers must be left behind in the training room at the end of the training day/evening and are the property of the training provider. After consultation with the course management, the data carriers may be taken home at the end of the course.

9. other obligations of the contractual partners
The participant must inform the educational provider immediately of any change of address.
The educational provider undertakes, except in cases of force majeure, to ensure that all conditions for the orderly running of the course are met by qualified instructors and to ensure that the final examination is conducted by an examination board and, in the case of vocational training courses, that a certificate is obtained. However, this contract alone does not entitle the participant to admission to an educational program with admission requirements or to admission to or taking an examination.

10. liability
No liability can be accepted for any accidents, losses or damage incurred by participants in the educational program offered by the educational institution. The participant him/herself is liable for damage to classroom equipment in the event of intent or any form of negligent damage.

11. accident insurance
Statutory accident insurance cover is only provided by the training provider if it is a vocational training course that is not arranged or financed by the employer. The participant only receives statutory accident insurance cover from the training provider if he/she is not working as a self-employed entrepreneur. The competent employers' liability insurance association for all accidents to be handled by the training provider is the Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft (VBG), Bezirksverwaltung Bergisch Gladbach, Kölner Straße 20, 51401 Bergisch Gladbach. The customer number of the educational institution at the VBG is 10/2048/0201 BV05, which only covers possible accidents on the direct routes to the educational institution, accidents during lessons and, if applicable, accidents during a company internship. If the participant is not covered by the cases described and is not insured by his/her own employer, he/she is free to take out his/her own private accident insurance.

12. data storage and data deletion
Apart from the exceptions listed below, we delete your personal data when the contractual relationship with you has ended, all mutual claims have been fulfilled and there are no other statutory retention obligations or legal justifications for storage. We will use your name and postal address for a maximum period of 24 months after termination of the contractual relationship. We will be happy to provide you with information about whether and which of your personal data we have stored and to whom we may have passed it on. In accordance with the statutory provisions, you can assert the following further rights: Authorization, deletion, restriction of processing (blocking for certain purposes).

13. data protection in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act
Surname, first name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and, if applicable, the account details of the participant are stored by the educational institution for the purpose of processing the process. If the participant no longer wishes to be contacted in the future or does not agree to the storage of his/her data, he/she can have his/her data deleted by the educational provider after completion of the course. Course-related data (participant data, absences, performance status, etc.) will be transmitted to the Employment Agency/ARGE. Personal data (personal data, identity card, passport, social security card, bank details, health insurance data) will be passed on to the future employer and to the institutions involved (district government, Chamber of Industry and Commerce, etc.).

14. final provisions
Amendments or additions to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both contracting parties in order to be legally effective. Verbal collateral agreements do not exist and are not valid. The participant shall receive a copy of the contract signed by both contracting parties.

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