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From 01.07. up to 150 euros per month. Applies to all further training courses

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Fabian Nitsche
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Very good company for training and further education. Competent lecturers, very friendly and helpful employees and managing directors. Success and successful cooperation are very important here! Can't find anything negative with a clear conscience!
Heike Füser
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After 7 months of intensive learning ... now it's off to practice ... thanks for the incredible amount of knowledge that was imparted ... thanks for the open ear at all times ... thanks for the support and assistance that was always given ... no matter what it was about .... I leave with a laughing and a crying eye ... the time has flown by ... take care and stay healthy 🍀🙏😊
Toni Cool
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After successfully retraining as a specialist for protection and security, I would like to thank the entire PlanB team and all the lecturers. Everything was perfect from day 1 to the final exam. The familiar environment and the warmth were decisive for my success. Many thanks for everything PlanB. I can only recommend it to everyone!
Saby Stark
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Top school. Mega !!! From the first phone call I had a good feeling and was given professional advice. After I was able to see everything at an appointment on site, I quickly decided to start here as a nursing assistant. I could always rely on the lecturer and she was always keen to convey everything I needed to know quickly, professionally and correctly. The friendly staff in the office also deserve a positive mention. Questions and concerns were answered immediately during my training. I would definitely choose PlanB again for further training at any time. Once again, I would like to thank the entire team and especially Ms. D. for the great time.
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I am totally impressed by the team, the warmth and, above all, the expertise of the lecturers. I felt very comfortable and am infinitely grateful for the time. I was given a new future. 1000 thanks, 1000 hugs You ARE THE BEST. 100% recommendable
Tuncay Gökceoglu
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I've been training as a specialist for protection and security at PlanB since December 7, 2020. Honestly, it's not just a perfect training center for me, but also a big family. Why is that? All employees, lecturers and the boss are more than just service providers for the students. It has to be said that there is a high level of competence and helpfulness here, even for the student's private problems. Whether it's collecting money for people who have been hit by floods or dealing with private socially critical issues. All the people mentioned here really give their all to be there for the retrainee. Mrs. Delic, the mother of the company, is in my opinion (and I have been to 3 schools in the last year to get degrees) the most competent assistant to the management of the 4 schools I have attended. And by far. As head of the schools I got to know last year, Mrs. Oechler is the good soul of the company and always has an open ear for everyone. As far as I can tell so far, the lecturers there not only teach according to the curriculum, but also impart general knowledge, so that even at the age of 53 you learn something new every day, be it intercultural, general education-specific and practical professional issues. Conclusion: A really great educational institution, which, in addition and after passing the examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and elsewhere, even arranges jobs through years of maintaining contact with companies. I give it the highest score as in the Abitur in the first advanced course (15 points), i.e. 1+.

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Up to € 2500 training bonus

Anyone undergoing retraining can receive a further training bonus under certain conditions.
The training period must be at least 2 years.
The amount of the bonus for passing the intermediate examination is 1000 euros.
The bonus for passing the final examination is 1500 euros. 

For further information, please contact us. 

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